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Growth Analysis of Listed Companies with 3D Printing Concept


Since the 1980s, the market size of 3D printing has reached 5.6 billion US dollars. Technically, 3D printing has been able to meet the needs of some industrial application scenarios, and can realize the manufacturing of metal and plastic parts and finished products. The performance of 3D printing can also be comparable to that of traditional industrial manufacturing processes. In terms of cost, 3D printing equipment costs are high, raw material costs are high and processing efficiency is low, because these reasons make it difficult for 3D printing to be used in large-scale production, but with the progress of future technology, the cost of 3D printing will be reduced rapidly and the performance will be greatly improved.

This paper lists the financial data of 12 listed companies from 2014 to 2017, and analyses the growth rate of total assets, fixed assets and net assets, the growth rate of main business cost and income, and the growth rate of operating profit, total profit and net profit. Comprehensive analysis concludes that enterprises should increase investment in fixed assets on the premise that the capital situation is guaranteed. Improve the investment environment and create conditions for investment growth. While increasing investment, we should also pay attention to the improvement of asset efficiency. Continuous innovation ensures the progress of enterprises. At the same time, enterprises should establish a sound incentive system, retain the rights and interests of high-tech employees, and achieve product innovation through employee participation in decision-making. The government should strengthen the implementation of tax reduction and exemption policy. Through policy guidance and market regulation, we can create a good market environment for enterprises.

Key words: 3D printing technology; listed companies; growth analysis


1 绪论 1

1.1研究的背景及研究的意义 1

1.2文献综述 1

1.2.1国内有关上市公司成长性分析的研究 2

1.2.2国外有关上市公司成长性分析的研究 3

1.2.3总结 4

2 3D打印行业现状分析及样本公司选取 4

2.1 3D打印行业现状 4

2.2 样本公司选取 5

2.3 数据来源 7

3 3D打印概念上市公司资产成长性分析 7

3.1总资产增长率 7

3.2 固定资产增长率 9

3.3净资产增长率 10

4 3D打印概念上市公司主营业务成长性分析 11

4.1主营业务收入增长率 11

4.2 主营业务成本增长率 12

5 3D打印概念上市公司利润成长性分析 13

5.1营业利润增长率 13

5.2利润总额增长率 15

5.3净利润增长率 16

6 研究结论与政策建议 17

6.1研究结论 17

6.2政策建议 18

致谢 18

参考文献 19

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